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2020-06-15ODROID-COMMON: boot: Changed boot device detecting methods.travis/odroidn2-136travis/odroidn2-132travis/odroidc4-136travis/odroidc4-132g12_9.0.0_64_20200618aml64_buildroot_master_c4Luke Go2-18/+20
- In some boot sequence, 'mmc_dev' value is not available. So in that sequence, boot device is should detected by 'get_boot_device' method. - The 'movi' command not use 'mmc dev' command. So removed a 'mmc dev' command and for loops. Change-Id: I4ab576823440d066069c46171e9fbf424f37eb3c
2020-06-12cmd/fdt: add possibilty to have 'extrasize' on fdt resizeHannes Schmelzer5-6/+20
Sometimes devicetree nodes and or properties are added out of the u-boot console, maybe through some script or manual interaction. The devicetree as loaded or embedded is quite small, so the devicetree has to be resized to take up those new nodes/properties. In original the devicetree was only extended by effective 4 * add_mem_rsv. With this commit we can add an argument to the "fdt resize" command, which takes the extrasize to be added. Signed-off-by: Hannes Schmelzer <> Signed-off-by: Hannes Schmelzer <> Acked-by: Simon Glass <> Change-Id: I39d5ebf8404ee4f8b114753f2179c8789b4366fa
2020-06-04ODROID-COMMON: Bugfix about boot script.Luke Go1-1/+1
- A loadaddr value can be read by decimal. So add prefix string. Change-Id: Ie5cbd2e7410b4718737b79cc40d1a5b7b395455f
2020-06-04ODROID: script: Change boot_recovery/rawimage sequ.Luke Go1-4/+4
Change-Id: I133b00c66a0ad41921a59a9d5e6ce665b9c1a2a7
2020-06-04ODROID: variant: Change n2's variant value.Luke Go1-2/+2
Change-Id: Iadac143159082d61a63d2dfe0481173bf532ab35
2020-05-29ODROID-N2: cramfsload to defaut boot.Luke Go1-4/+19
Change-Id: Ie50ee0d5300b7fdb37ab7d80ae0ee856edac2cc2
2020-05-22ODROID-COMMON: boot: Chnage ignore_mpt condition.travis/odroidn2-127travis/odroidc4-127Luke Go1-8/+4
- Before the patch, u-boot set the ignore_mpt flag by checking the boot media. But if user want to boot the OS with other media that doesn't the fisrt boot media, it cause problem. So check the current read media and set other side media as ignore_mpt. Change-Id: Id151c5bb8d4c08376b096c97c485e92133459d9a
2020-05-21ODROID: Fix recovery bug with 4K monitor.Chris KIM1-1/+1
If ODROID connected monitor supported 2160p60hz420 bestmode, recovery will fail or display off. We change hdmiphy to 1080p60 during recovery. Change-Id: Ib52524cf314273399c31c700be1f1809c4395e94
2020-05-08Merge changes Ia89bfb29,Ia00c6fd0,Ib4937aa2 into odroidg12-v2015.01g12_9.0.0_64_20200520Dongjin Kim2-6/+29
* changes: BACKPORT: Change cec flag for active source change BACKPORT: cec: wake up on CEC_OC_ROUTING_INFORMATION BACKPORT: g12a/b: CEC_OC_ACTIVE_SOURCE: ignore phy address if broadcast
2020-05-08Merge "BACKPORT: pwr_ctrl: enable and fix IR remote wakeup for g12a/b" into ↵Dongjin Kim13-8/+47
2020-05-08Merge changes I44936bba,Ifd9a89ec into odroidg12-v2015.01Dongjin Kim2-1/+3
* changes: g12a/g12b: cramfs: Support cramfs cmd. cramfs: block pointers are 32 bits
2020-05-06g12a/g12b: cramfs: Support cramfs cmd.Luke Go1-0/+2
- To use cramfs stuff on the android, Support the cramfs. This stuffs will be used to get dtb and dtbo from hidden sectors. Change-Id: I44936bba56e51d4e59a88feff83505eb75a7e358
2020-05-06cramfs: block pointers are 32 bitsTyler Hall1-1/+1
Using a variably-sized type is incorrect here since we're reading a fixed file format. Fixes cramfs on 64-bit platforms. Signed-off-by: Tyler Hall <> Change-Id: Ifd9a89ec7c056fed732067c69a03e7fcf9651c57
2020-05-03BACKPORT: Change cec flag for active source changePortisch1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ia89bfb292fab9981807e4a9c631b2cec7a562a3e
2020-05-03BACKPORT: cec: wake up on CEC_OC_ROUTING_INFORMATIONPortisch1-1/+24
Change-Id: Ia00c6fd0f3471b66f4370c7f2659900c94554b1e
2020-05-03BACKPORT: g12a/b: CEC_OC_ACTIVE_SOURCE: ignore phy address if broadcastPortisch2-4/+4
Change-Id: Ib4937aa2b02d25824faaff7770d515884632686c
2020-05-03BACKPORT: pwr_ctrl: enable and fix IR remote wakeup for g12a/bPortisch13-8/+47
Change-Id: I404a55bb7e09e1490772626cff7ff29ead2d64f5
2020-04-29ODROID-C4: add custom BL2.BIN from Amlogic that disables memory dump when C4 ↵Dongjin Kim1-0/+0
crashes Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: Ia1d8cc9c58b7b7524ea458bef11696b2fd415446
2020-04-20ODROID-C4: add new board revision '20200129'travis/odroidn2-118travis/odroidc4-118Dongjin Kim1-1/+4
Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: Id9b0314cfd1fdee3f4778fa2b87e17c6c950ad87
2020-04-07ODROID-COMMON: configs: Enable device tree overlay support featuretravis/odroidn2-112travis/odroidc4-112g12_9.0.0_20200413Yang Deokgyu2-0/+2
Signed-off-by: Yang Deokgyu <> Change-Id: Id17d31a5b79114af0ea9d650f68cb108a8b393f7
2020-03-26ODROID-COMMON: travis: add multiple build target <ODROID-N2|ODROID-C4>travis/odroidn2-105travis/odroidc4-105g12_9.0.0_64_20200401Dongjin Kim1-1/+7
Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: I569d90dc1cae6c8fb78ee1e83c0b5de05fa36ddf
2020-03-18ODROID-N2: fix '401 - Bad credential' error for Travis-CIDongjin Kim1-2/+1
Change-Id: I4f4ca146eb905d1fc0f56eac6dfc8c4477b5e80c Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <>
2020-03-17ODROID-COMMON: Fix bug for boot_order scanning.Chris KIM1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Chris KIM <> Change-Id: I7b462108bfa5417198fba64357077e524b7dabf1 (cherry picked from commit cac2c9307b691a4b1c40262009ccbca27077745d)
2020-03-16Revert "osd: close osd matrix [1/3]"Dongjin Kim4-237/+29
This reverts commit 285e76718eac8bb5d6fc2c7591595848918b05f7. Change-Id: I7a30ff120902115078a7695896e2cd7a6ad0a34a
2020-03-12Fixup: ODROID-N2: spdif: Fix high output after shutdown Revert gpio handling ↵Portisch1-17/+12
to Amlogic code style Change-Id: I1f8e19d4309e49638702493ccee8602b61457831
2020-02-18ddr: timing:G12A/G12B/TL1/TM2/A1 update LPDDR4_PHY_V_0_1_17 bl33 v2015 [2/3]zhiguang.ouyang1-193/+928
PD#SWPL-11622 Problem: none Solution: DDR_DRIVER_VERSION "LPDDR4_PHY_V_0_1_17" 20190704 1 update A1 DDR driver sync with g12a 2 repair A1 DDR autosize ,NIC400 bus limit A1 only support max size 512M 3 add psram patch for debug and test 4 combination A1 and g12 tl1 tm2 cmd ddr test code 5 add ddr fast boot chip id verify code Verify: test pass at u212,w400,x301 Change-Id: I29ee0206b1790b718426216a7795f273deaa263e Signed-off-by: zhiguang.ouyang <>
2020-02-18factoryBurn: usb: fix not erase ddr parameters [1/1]Sam Wu1-0/+8
PD#SWPL-10674 Problem: ddr para not updated after usb burning Solution: add ddr para erasing if user choose erase flash Verify: test by ouyang with u200 Change-Id: I143b3a11eb584292400c31814e0f5fe95b2d109d
2020-02-18hdmitx: correct vid pll div shift preset length [3/3]Hang Cheng8-16/+16
PD#SWPL-9589 Problem: shift preset length of vid pll div is wrong Solution: modify shift preset length of vid pll div Verify: gxl-p281 Change-Id: Ibac6efe889630d32c30219618daa1f4d994a67bf Signed-off-by: Hang Cheng <> Signed-off-by: Luan Yuan <>
2020-02-18hdmitx: add dithering control [1/1]Zongdong Jiao4-0/+66
PD#OTT-4800 Problem: Lack dithering control Solution: Add dithering control Verify: G12/U212 Change-Id: I49aee092e2b0ac239266a2884632013a2f4e1f1a
2020-02-18ddr: driver:G12A/G12B/TL1/TM2 update LPDDR4_PHY_V_0_1_15 bl33 [2/3]zhiguang.ouyang14-208/+10036
PD#SWPL-8372 Problem: none. Solution: DDR_DRIVER_VERSION "LPDDR4_PHY_V_0_1_15" 20190506 1 add lpddr4 dram calibration refer resistor option 2 add support ddr fast boot mode frequency scan 3 add ddr4 bank group1 support 4 add bl2 ddr_fw version print 5 reparir TL1/TM2 4GB support ,limit ddr addtest <=3928M 6 bl33 enable fast boot, cmd_ddr_test_g12.c enable 7 clr dmc sticky reg when cold boot 8 u200 ddr4 clk change to 1320MHz Verify: test pass at T309,U200,W400. Change-Id: I6cc081f0991a3388f4fb28ad66b0b1dc4f55fa43 Signed-off-by: zhiguang.ouyang <> Signed-off-by: Luan Yuan <>
2020-02-13Merge branch 'odroidn2-v2015.01' into odroidg12-v2015.01Dongjin Kim0-0/+0
Change-Id: Ide2a0bdeab98d41370ce722711f8374e333c790c
2020-02-13ODROID-C4/HC4: add to read board revision functionsDongjin Kim3-0/+21
Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: I3ad9d97c78d5c195fc00cf0a930ab5b0fb37db0a
2020-02-13ODROID-N2PLUS: add board revision and set model nameDongjin Kim3-0/+30
Change-Id: I4b0d16b18e4edabebbe9322c788bfa39b6556eff Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <>
2020-02-13ODROID-C4: bios: overwrite 'env' when 'overwrite' is 'true'Dongjin Kim1-1/+2
Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: I449f66a453faa3d667d96d31e0bfc4de19b5ee76
2020-02-13ODROID-C4: bios: load 'petitboot.cfg' in board fileDongjin Kim1-1/+8
Set the display resoltuion to '480p60hz' by default and load 'petitboot.cfg' before showing logo so that the resolution defined in the petitboot.cfg can be affected. Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: I387ad899c4e950ec4db75e795cf7aaed13cea2ed
2020-02-13ODROID-C4: boot: add to load default boot logo from SPI memoryDongjin Kim1-4/+5
Change-Id: I6bbf7c9080b1dde961fa4b10c2f4c5877dd50a0f Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <>
2020-02-13osd: modify function about osd version [1/1]Jian Cao1-8/+2
PD#SWPL-6232 Problem: uboot logo cannot display on SM1 Solution: modify function about osd version Verify: verified on SM1-AC200 Change-Id: If8c95ba383f3de4389dadac275453416133a9215 Signed-off-by: Jian Cao <>
2020-02-13Revert "Showlogo: Add filename parameter"Dongjin Kim2-14/+20
This reverts commit 8aec17b7921cadfc3566f021b4d9ab33bb0bfe63. Change-Id: I40a595cd73db6c5e258c3891c9ebce99d05eaf1e Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <>
2020-02-13ODROID-N2: spi: add new SPI flash 'XT25F128B'Dongjin Kim1-0/+1
Change-Id: Id4a5966381b4ff9e5823d6592ac2702f2b918469 Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <>
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: scp_task: add enable/disable of 5V system powerPortisch4-12/+36
Change-Id: I6ee95ee196daa02aa73a99ef9c024f0503152474
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: Add IR power key mask handling through SCPI SCPI_CL_REMOTE_MASKPortisch4-10/+20
Change-Id: I390fa07f8224860641a313a6a7adcb095b2ffcdd
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: scp_remote: rename RC6 to RC6A and add RC6 ir protocolPortisch2-24/+52
Change-Id: I812b186b13b619988b0c0731502d47f2b135c289
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: scp_remote: tune RC5 bit detectionPortisch2-8/+8
Change-Id: If55b8c6d4f7415af32e8aa784757b774ef7a3520
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: scp_remote: add support for Samsung IR remotes Standard NEC use ↵Portisch2-10/+10
9000µs/4500µs sync pulse. Samsung use NEC protocol but with 4500µs/4500µs sync pulse. Change-Id: I84896234c4b8e786aedea98891f42879548ea0f3
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: scp_remote: add register setup for software decodePortisch2-0/+18
Change-Id: I225dffd860af8c6cb92f9179d5fb6cf6f7d045cc
2020-02-13g12a/g12b: Add IR protocol handling through SCPIRay4-26/+202
SCPI_CL_IRPROTO Also add RC5, RC6, NEC_RC5_2in1, NEC_RC6_2in1 Change-Id: I1282ee47a37448c69c9e92ba1b2eb4d692e9c704
2020-02-13Showlogo: Add filename parameterRay2-20/+14
Change-Id: I9112ab3a479b8432981d3d1c4c219929dc0273e0
2020-02-13gxb/gxl/gxm: enable CEC wakeup from power off statePortisch15-82/+35
Change-Id: I1e79ef397bb544af125c42889fde5d248a7b8e4b
2020-02-13gxb/gxl/gxm: prepare suspend parameter for LED controlPortisch17-17/+17
Change-Id: I73512141b68410071ad886063097e14ebb07a444
2020-02-13gxb/gxl/gxm: do not turn off hdmi power on suspendPortisch18-28/+55
Change-Id: Id62166a7666c95b8675544b162b0bbc25ff22e92