AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-10-11Merge "ODROID-C2: Add bl301 binary file" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho1-0/+0
2016-10-11ODROID-C2: Add bl301 binary fileJoy Cho1-0/+0
2016-10-11ODROID-C2: Remove bl301-related source filesJoy Cho30-5299/+1
2016-09-23ODROID-C2: Adjust dvfs table for high cpu frequency setsjoy1-7/+7
2016-09-08Merge pull request #31 from iamGavinJ/odroidc2-v2015.01s905_5.1.1_v2.3Brian Kim4-39/+71
2016-09-07Patchset merged fromGΛVĪN4-39/+71
2016-09-06Merge "ODROID-C2: remove bl301.bin binary file" into odroidc2-v2015.01s905_5.1.1_v2.2Joy Cho1-0/+0
2016-09-06Merge "ODROID-C2: Update bl30.bin" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho1-0/+0
2016-09-06Merge "ODROID-C2: Update dvfs table" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho1-0/+5
2016-09-05Merge "ODROID-C2: Expanded Cache partition size." into odroidc2-v2015.01Chris Kim1-1/+1
2016-09-02ODROID-C2: Update dvfs tableJoy Cho1-0/+5
2016-09-01ODROID-C2: Update bl30.binJoy Cho1-0/+0
2016-08-26ODROID-C2: remove bl301.bin binary fileJoy Cho1-0/+0
2016-08-18ODROID-C2: Deactivate the hdmi cec debug msg option of firmwareJoy Cho2-1/+7
2016-08-18Fix CEC wakeupJonas Karlman5-552/+337
2016-08-17ODROID-C2: set USB rst port as a default state at power offJoy Cho1-0/+8
2016-08-17Merge "Backport remote-power-key wakeup code" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho1-5/+88
2016-08-17Merge "Disable power-key wakeup" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho1-0/+2
2016-08-17Merge "Fix power off/on vcck" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho1-9/+9
2016-08-16Backport remote-power-key wakeup codeJonas Karlman1-5/+88
2016-08-16Disable power-key wakeupJonas Karlman1-0/+2
2016-08-16Fix power off/on vcckJonas Karlman1-9/+9
2016-08-16Fix secure_task loopJonas Karlman2-8/+3
2016-08-16Merge "ODROID-C2: Add "custombuilt" mode and adjust showlogo" into odroidc2-v...Joy Cho2-0/+3
2016-08-12ODROID-C2: Expanded Cache partition size.Luke Go1-1/+1
2016-08-11ODROID-C2: Add bl301-related source filesJoy Cho31-2/+5416
2016-08-10ODROID-C2: Add "custombuilt" mode and adjust showlogoJoy Cho2-0/+3
2016-08-02ODROID-C2: Add a new resolution, 1600x1200p60Hzs905_5.1.1_v2.1Joy Cho2-0/+2
2016-07-12Merge pull request #25 from VittGam/patch-1s905_5.1.1_v2.0Brian Kim2-9/+6
2016-07-10Avoid wrong serial number in u-boot env when using the same flash in more tha...Vittorio Gambaletta (VittGam)2-9/+6
2016-06-27Merge "ODROID-C2: Adjust logo display routine to use one default logo with 12...s905_5.1.1_v1.9Joy Cho1-15/+22
2016-06-27Merge "ODROID-C2 uboot: Add new modes on HDMI PHY" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho5-12/+1181
2016-06-27Merge "ODROID-C2 uboot: Add new display vout modes" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho2-0/+168
2016-06-27Merge "ODROID-C2 uboot: Add 3440x1440 mode on list" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho2-0/+2
2016-06-27Merge "ODROID-C2 uboot: Fix a wrong display mode name" into odroidc2-v2015.01Joy Cho2-2/+2
2016-06-26ODROID-C2: Adjust logo display routine to use one default logo with 1280x720 ...Joy Cho1-15/+22
2016-06-23Merge branch 'odroidc2-v2015.01' of into...s905_5.1.1_v1.8Brian Kim0-0/+0
2016-06-23ODROID-C2 uboot: Add 3440x1440 mode on listJoy Cho2-0/+2
2016-06-23ODROID-C2 uboot: Fix a wrong display mode nameJoy Cho2-2/+2
2016-06-23ODROID-C2 uboot: Add new display vout modesJoy Cho2-0/+168
2016-06-23ODROID-C2 uboot: Add new modes on HDMI PHYJoy Cho5-12/+1181
2016-06-17ODROID-C2: Adjust default display mode in case of setting a wrong display modeJoy Cho2-2/+2
2016-06-14Merge "ODROID-C2: Remove cvbs configuration" into odroidc2-v2015.01Chris Kim1-4/+0
2016-06-14Merge branch 'odroidc2-v2015.01' of into odroidc...s905_5.1.1_v1.7codewalker0-0/+0
2016-06-14ODROID-C2: Add usb sub-command to enable USB host powerJoy Cho3-24/+56
2016-06-13Merge "ODROID-C2: Changed resolution 720P into 1080P" into odroidc2-v2015.01Chris Kim3-11/+11
2016-06-13ODROID-C2: Adjust video logo buffer size for decompressing to fix 1080p gunzi...Joy Cho1-1/+1
2016-06-13ODROID-C2: Changed resolution 720P into 1080Pcodewalker3-11/+11
2016-06-13ODROID-C2:set default hdmi dvi modeJoy Cho1-0/+3
2016-06-08ODROID-C2: Remove cvbs configurationJoy Cho1-4/+0