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2021-03-03ODROID-GOA: Adjust boot mode flag and charge animation conditionodroidgoA-v2017.09Joy Cho2-0/+12
COLD booting : run charge animation by default WARM booting like reboot : skip charge animation and proceed booting Change-Id: Ic513a93a7f4fe713e14eb3d2e6ab7de5c89c38ac
2021-01-08odroidtest: Fix abnormal key draw conditionJoy Cho1-2/+2
default initialized key_idx = -1 Change-Id: Ia51e82b99d61465af28361762aac45f83a5c312f
2021-01-08ODROID-GOA: charge: Add user indication in case of extreme low voltageJoy Cho1-7/+37
Change-Id: Ibc50d956d7dcbb1b0f27213b7aeab39f41b9841a
2021-01-03ODROID-GOA: Adjust low voltage thresholdJoy Cho1-1/+1
3.5V -> 3.53V Under the condition of 3.5V battery voltage, booting failure occures intermittently. Change-Id: I4901c140bab3ded5c9f32eff99cdab8384cb6563
2020-12-05cmd: odroidtest: Fix key check errorsJoy Cho1-4/+9
Change-Id: Iab7820c0e4bb0bd0a882366a7de2503934dcee5a (cherry picked from commit b5c70965a785933a03babd6edf5fb365ef62d57a)
2020-12-04cmd: odroidtest: Adjust adc offsets and polling timeJoy Cho1-15/+16
Change-Id: I2b36a22b9d00401decb63253a55c225ca0a7575f
2020-12-04cmd: odroidtest: Set sound wave frequency and adjust play timeJoy Cho3-13/+13
FIXME: Default playing time and audio data size should be calculated using sample rate, channel number and bits per sample. Change-Id: I7b468e96e119d1a091c9248e902632880ea75bbb
2020-12-04sound: rk817-codec: Change initial volume for playback pathJoy Cho1-1/+7
Change-Id: Iabc77d02effa1ab3d34351cbdeda36c20e6b807c
2020-12-04cmd: odroidtest: Add audio testJoy Cho2-1/+146
Change-Id: Ifb9e1dbf9d32fb03fcdc5faeed9b6b130a833448
2020-12-02sound: Add playback path api of rockchip soundJoy Cho5-0/+73
Change-Id: I2603f88e2c437d92e8b15c81a3a446e73c3e2e5b
2020-12-02ODROID-GOA: Support sound command for test in productionJoy Cho3-2/+26
Change-Id: I098fc8db69760bc6643c3b745d758a3630f227db
2020-12-02cmd: odroidtest: Support all OGA boardsJoy Cho2-432/+428
Change-Id: I0b392e896bfeca0561d341d8aba68eb77b2febf0
2020-12-02ODROID-GOA: recovery: Update image layout to support all OGAJoy Cho4-48/+97
Change-Id: Id2320ddc3916603b22521090e563c78a05417507
2020-12-02ODROID-GOA: Support single u-boot image for all OGA boardsJoy Cho34-3986/+130
Change-Id: Ifda41fd4a1d39687bfb48abeef2a3f02dab74615
2020-12-02ODROID-GOA: Update charge LED control during charge animationJoy Cho5-11/+25
- charging off : LED Off - charging on & soc < 100 : LED Toggle - charging on & soc == 100 (full charged) : Keep LED On Change-Id: Ib71fab99b758523f0dbcf73d41c4cdced192949e
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Fix abnormal LCD re-init after LCD off stateJoy Cho2-7/+8
In case of turning on LCD & initialization (panel prepare) after turning off LCD (panel unprepare), LCD shows blank display frequently. (e.g. Battery Charge Animation, especially repeated on/off cases using power button) In addition, sleep & LCD off command of ST7701S LCD needs to be reviewed. Change-Id: Ia2a5176b3aa8383d66935307704014ec9888cee3
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Support battery & charge monitoringJoy Cho9-23/+48
Change-Id: I9d291d75bf5db2719c1bb02e992b578f675b26bc
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: dts: Apply fuel gauge values for HCP775474Joy Cho2-14/+25
3.7V, 4000mAh, 14.8Wh Change-Id: I9be8f1c972b905af401cde1397214bfb116444f6
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Keep pwr led on by defaultJoy Cho1-3/+3
Change-Id: I1628fbebb3a98c8696d105e6ea539d6dc428f28d
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: cmd/odroidtest: Add battery and charge test modeJoy Cho2-0/+124
Change-Id: Ia4e0e2486d4377b0fc04bdc99fec379d3fb03dc5
2020-12-02cmd/odroidtest: Fix backlight duty calculation errorJoy Cho1-3/+3
Change-Id: I6cc5df6b9815a10c6166ec44e4188b644c7b168f
2020-12-02power/fuel_gauge: Add battery detection ops of RK817Joy Cho1-0/+10
Change-Id: I69be09f5d113cafb885292956dfe519a0a8fa1de
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Change default backlight brightnessJoy Cho2-14/+18
set default backlight (50% of max level) on booting and OGA auto test Change-Id: If38f6325a4b21124884c970806bc8e276841b53c
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Support OGA Auto TestJoy Cho6-53/+563
Change-Id: I1b800545bc63e4aec548fe863c7b7c0a8865f63e
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: dts: Increase lcd panel enable delayJoy Cho1-1/+1
Increase lcd panel enable delay (10ms -> 100ms) to avoid initial crashed display before backlight turns on Change-Id: I5bd894fcd5284aebc0b8fa4eea4cd340fafde0a0
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: recovery: Change default image pathJoy Cho1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie0581c6bf1b3e3c4f32f6c8d7857433640c40bbd
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: tools/images: Update notification imagesJoy Cho4-0/+0
Change-Id: I3eac8dcb0751ce95d701cb1e87584698f77e7394
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Change default dtb name for GO3 rev 1.0Joy Cho3-5/+5
Change-Id: I29710ee4929c0738b4c4320cb55582b87f06b5e1
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: board: Fix power check logicJoy Cho1-2/+3
Change-Id: I767d6b2faac8eb68af1300c5f913ee18c532be3c
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Change hk logo imageJoy Cho1-0/+0
Change-Id: I36a917381f8b9ff9720f5b13a49e7b3ef99ffd5d
2020-12-02cmd: hwrev: Fix dtb name of go3 hw rev 0.1Joy Cho1-2/+2
Change-Id: Icd2da05c9f6e939cabc29c022c9cf28520c34d63
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Support recovery logic with spi flashJoy Cho16-18/+2580
Change-Id: I04bb231b46501fce356831390da54e59a53a1c07
2020-12-02cmd: hwrev: Add a hwrev value of ODROID-GO3 rev1.0Joy Cho1-2/+7
Change-Id: Ie884db75259c94bb4c2f6273b9e40a5191e5a11e
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3 : add lcd logo display & background color bug fix.charles.park2-6/+13
Change-Id: Ief32b7662a79a07959ea84fa30fc4e9eb8501a2e
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3 : 480x854 Frame buffer add for GO3.charles.park11-54/+77
Change-Id: I2656c0d94ceb5989378c611195d77c8bd7241394
2020-12-02board: odroid-go3: Add power/battery checkJoy Cho3-12/+38
Change-Id: I39add3aa1da3ae2563df0eb2ffffb39d625800da
2020-12-02ODROID-GO3: Introduce ODROID-GO3 u-boot configurationJoy Cho19-17/+2345
Change-Id: Ic73481a4edccf02cda1bc97a2ddd4af581ef607f
2020-10-13ODROID-GO2: recovery: Add missing dtb for v1.0 boardtravis/odroidgo2-156Joy Cho1-0/+1
Change-Id: I2aa64eacc1e1284cc83c6a5dd0ac1b6f426894ef
2020-07-07cmd: odroidtest: Update gpiokey auto testJoy Cho2-17/+35
- Add termination mode using key combination F1+F6 - Update key event display Change-Id: I66d1ba2303dc4050ce022b303cc1a60e45604e47
2020-05-25odroid-goA: Skip default charging display in case of manufacturetravis/odroidgo2-130Joy Cho1-1/+2
Change-Id: I0d86462df32b1c2696d63a4db4422f114cf50ea5
2020-05-11board: odroid-go2: set WIFI_EN GPIO as default highJoy Cho1-0/+11
Change-Id: I57bf070b04bb32f8714881e75e284f363172591f
2020-03-31ODROID-GO2: use 'save' to ignore file system typetravis/odroidgo2-116Dongjin Kim1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: I28d6ab2a8fec8bc6663ba664f9ce6206c553cecf
2020-03-31Merge "ODROID-GO2: cfgload: add to read 'boot.scr' use 'source'" into ↵Joy Cho2-110/+41
2020-03-27ODROID-GO2: cfgload: add to read 'boot.scr' use 'source'Dongjin Kim2-110/+41
This patch is to let 'cfgload' reads 'boot.ini' or 'boot.scr' if exists and runs with the U-boot command 'source' that uses 'hush'. Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <> Change-Id: I38491f5ae0a07c0711f87b67c14aef784c0fa345
2020-03-25board: odroid-goA: Update gpio btn sw20/sw21 configurationJoy Cho3-6/+7
Change-Id: Idafa9b588d49ae2cd0e808b3fbcc7cdccbb49cd2
2020-03-25odroid-goA: Update hw revision detection logicJoy Cho4-10/+11
- change adc reference value based on new resistor values - move detection logic - add hwrev command for spi config Change-Id: Ib631a55e3c03ec9ae4065cbadca8cba0b22a3e58
2020-03-25Merge "odroid-goA: Add hw revision detection" into odroidgo2-v2017.09Joy Cho6-1/+68
2020-03-25Merge "cmd: odroidtest: Update gpiokey auto test to support hw rev1.1" into ↵Joy Cho2-9/+17
2020-03-23odroid-goA: recovery: Change default dtb for spi bootingJoy Cho1-2/+2
hw rev v1.0 -> v1.1 Change-Id: Ifec4171f42baa53593f7015254c14cc199d3496c
2020-03-23dts: odroidgoA: Add dts to support hw rev 1.1Joy Cho2-1/+963
Change-Id: Id14cf37baa048a4bd430839ceb79a09a0b0a05cb