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2020-03-18ODROID-N2: fix '401 - Bad credential' error for Travis-CItravis/odroidn2-99travis/odroidn2-97travis/odroidn2-95travis/odroidn2-93travis/odroidn2-91travis/odroidn2-87travis/odroidn2-103travis/odroidn2-101odroidn2-v2015.01Dongjin Kim1-2/+1
2020-03-17ODROID-COMMON: Fix bug for boot_order scanning.travis/odroidn2-85Chris KIM1-2/+2
2020-03-02Fixup: ODROID-N2: spdif: Fix high output after shutdown Revert gpio handling ...Portisch1-17/+12
2020-02-17ODROID-N2: firmware: reset the DDR configurationtravis/odroidn2-75Dongjin Kim1-2/+2
2020-02-17uboot: update ddr and emmc driver. [1/3]xiaobo gu15-35924/+37104
2020-02-13Merge "ODROID-N2: spdif: Fix high output after shutdown" into odroidn2-v2015.01travis/odroidn2-73Dongjin Kim1-3/+20
2020-02-13ODROID-N2: spdif: Fix high output after shutdownHyeonki Hong1-3/+20
2020-02-10ext4: Update ext2/3/4 superblock, group descriptor and inode structuresStefan Brüns1-4/+46
2020-02-10ext4: Revert rejection of 64bit enabled ext4 fsStefan Brüns1-9/+0
2020-02-10ext4: Respect group descriptor size when adjusting free countsStefan Brüns2-24/+69
2020-02-10ext4: Use helper function to access group descriptor and its fieldsStefan Brüns3-139/+156
2020-02-10ext4: Use correct descriptor size when reading the block group descriptorStefan Brüns1-4/+4
2020-02-10ext4: Add helper functions for block group descriptor field accessStefan Brüns2-0/+94
2020-02-10ext4: determine group descriptor size for 64bit featureStefan Brüns2-5/+17
2020-02-10ext4: Fix memory leak of journal buffer if block is updated multiple timesStefan Brüns1-1/+5
2020-02-10ext4: Correct block number handling, empty block vs. error codeStefan Brüns2-4/+13
2020-02-10ext4: remove duplicated block release code for extentsStefan Brüns1-77/+33
2020-02-10ext4: initialize full inode for inodes bigger than 128 bytesStefan Brüns1-6/+4
2020-02-10ext4: Use correct value for inode size even on revision 0 filesystemsStefan Brüns2-3/+0
2020-02-10ext4: Fix memory leak in case of failureStefan Brüns1-2/+2
2020-02-10ext4: Avoid out-of-bounds access of block bitmapStefan Brüns1-22/+12
2020-02-10ext4: After completely filled group, scan next group from the beginningStefan Brüns1-3/+5
2020-02-10ext4: Do not clear zalloc'ed buffers a second timeStefan Brüns1-3/+0
2020-02-10ext4: Only update number of of unused inodes if GDT_CSUM feature is setStefan Brüns1-7/+7
2020-02-10ext4: Scan all directory blocks when looking up an entryStefan Brüns1-44/+40
2020-02-10ext4: Avoid corruption of directories with hash tree indexesStefan Brüns2-0/+6
2020-02-10ext4: Scan all directory blocks for space when inserting a new entryStefan Brüns1-44/+30
2020-02-10ext4: Do not crash when trying to grow a directory using extentsStefan Brüns1-1/+6
2020-02-10ext4: propagate error if creation of directory entry failsStefan Brüns3-8/+10
2020-02-10ext4: fix possible crash on directory traversal, ignore deleted entriesStefan Brüns3-39/+23
2020-02-10ext4: fix wrong usage of le32_to_cpu()Michael Walle1-1/+1
2020-02-10ext4: fix endianess problems in ext4 write supportMichael Walle6-252/+314
2020-02-10ext4: change structure fields to __le/__be typesMichael Walle2-88/+88
2020-02-10ext4: Refuse to mount filesystems with 64bit feature setTom Rini2-0/+11
2020-02-10fs: ext4: Prevent infinite loop in ext4fs_iterate_dirThomas Fitzsimmons1-0/+5
2020-02-10ext4: fix leak in check_filename()Stephen Warren1-2/+3
2020-02-10ext4: free allocations by parse_path()Stephen Warren1-2/+6
2020-02-10ext4: avoid calling ext4fs_mount() twice, which leaksStephen Warren1-10/+0
2020-02-10fs: ext4 write: return file len on successPrzemyslaw Marczak1-0/+2
2019-11-19Merge branch 'odroidn2-v2015.01' of into odroidn...travis/odroidn2-64s922_9.0.0_64_20191205Chris KIM0-0/+0
2019-09-10ODROID-COMMON: Revert "fdt: do not padding 'reg' property if already defined ...travis/odroidn2-61Dongjin Kim1-9/+0
2019-09-10ODROID-COMMON: Revert "fdt: do not padding 'reg' property if already defined ...s922_9.0.0_64_20191118Dongjin Kim1-9/+0
2019-09-09ODROID-COMMON: bootm: not to read FDT address when bootingtravis/odroidn2-59Dongjin Kim1-12/+2
2019-09-07ODROID-COMMON: bootm: not to read FDT address when bootingDongjin Kim1-12/+2
2019-08-20Revert "ODROID-C3/N2: removing CONFIG_SYS_MEM_TOP_HIDE to free 128MB"travis/odroidn2-57Dongjin Kim2-5/+2
2019-08-20Revert "ODROID-C3/N2: removing CONFIG_SYS_MEM_TOP_HIDE to free 128MB"Dongjin Kim2-5/+2
2019-08-14ODROID-C3/N2: removing CONFIG_SYS_MEM_TOP_HIDE to free 128MBtravis/odroidn2-55Dongjin Kim2-2/+5
2019-08-13ODROID-C3/N2: removing CONFIG_SYS_MEM_TOP_HIDE to free 128MBDongjin Kim2-2/+5
2019-07-04ODROID-N2: fip/g12b: update new BL2 for CLK81s922_9.0.0_20190719Dongjin Kim1-0/+0
2019-07-04ODROID-N2: fip/g12b: update new BL2 for CLK81travis/odroidn2-51Dongjin Kim1-0/+0