AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-12-17Prepare v2010.12-rc3Wolfgang Denk1-1/+1
2010-12-17Coding style (white space) cleanup.Wolfgang Denk4-97/+94
2010-12-17Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk4-19/+35
2010-12-17DaVinci DM6467: Add ARM Relocation SupportSandeep Paulraj1-0/+8
2010-12-17DaVinci Schmoogie: Add ARM Relocation SupportSandeep Paulraj1-0/+9
2010-12-17DaVinci sffsdr: Add ARM Relocation SupportSandeep Paulraj1-0/+9
2010-12-17DaVinci Sonata: Add ARM Relocation SupportSandeep Paulraj1-0/+9
2010-12-17DaVinci: Config cleanupSandeep Paulraj3-19/+0
2010-12-17AT91RM9200: fix AT91_PMC_MCKR_MDIV_* defines for this CPUclagix@gmail.com1-0/+8
2010-12-17AT91: fix TOP9000 build problem and change CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASEReinhard Meyer3-6/+6
2010-12-17Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk8-8/+8
2010-12-17Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk9-6/+45
2010-12-17pm9261: enable cache commandAsen Dimov1-0/+1
2010-12-17pm9261: ARM relocation supportAsen Dimov3-2/+14
2010-12-17pm9263: enable cache commandAsen Dimov1-0/+1
2010-12-17pm9263: ARM relocation supportAsen Dimov3-2/+14
2010-12-17pm9g45: enable cache commandAsen Dimov1-0/+1
2010-12-17pm9g45: ARM relocation supportAsen Dimov3-2/+14
2010-12-16powerpc/nand spl: link libgccScott Wood8-8/+8
2010-12-15ppc4xx: Fix missing linker scripts for partial linkingStefan Roese2-80/+18
2010-12-14Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk1-6/+6
2010-12-14Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk19-86/+66
2010-12-14ARM: */start.S: use canonical asm syntaxWolfgang Denk14-14/+14
2010-12-13mpc83xx: fix pcie enumerationBaidu Boy1-6/+6
2010-12-13p1022ds: fix switching of DIU/LBC signalsTimur Tabi1-10/+57
2010-12-13fsl_esdhc: Set the eSHDC DMACTL[SNOOP] bit after resetting the controllerP.V.Suresh1-4/+4
2010-12-13fsl_upm: Add MxMR/MDR synchronizationJohn Schmoller1-0/+2
2010-12-13tsec: Revert to setting TBICR_ANEG_ENABLE by default for SGMIIKumar Gala4-13/+24
2010-12-11omap3: emif|sdrc: use a single global data defineNishanth Menon2-4/+2
2010-12-11OMAP: Timer: Replace bss variable by gdDirk Behme1-11/+11
2010-12-11DaVinci DM6446: Config UpdateSandeep Paulraj1-8/+11
2010-12-11davinci: Rewrite timer.c to use tbl/tbu emulation variables in gdNick Thompson1-49/+28
2010-12-09Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk8-33/+102
2010-12-09include/linux/mii.h: update for supporting GEMacpaul Lin1-74/+107
2010-12-09ARM: make timer variables in gt_t available for all ARM platformsPrafulla Wadaskar1-1/+3
2010-12-09armv7: fix relocation skipAndreas Bießmann1-2/+2
2010-12-09arm: fixloop(): do not use r8 for relocationAndreas Bießmann14-42/+42
2010-12-09arm: relocate_code(): do not set register uselessAndreas Bießmann14-30/+30
2010-12-09arm: copy_loop(): use scratch registerAndreas Bießmann14-70/+70
2010-12-09hwconfig: Fix handling of env_hwconfig, board_hwconfig, and cpu_hwconfigKumar Gala1-6/+9
2010-12-09arm: add 8-byte alignment for ABI compliance before board_init_fHeiko Schocher15-1/+15
2010-12-09ARMV7: Vexpress: Fix build errorDirk Behme1-1/+1
2010-12-09ARMV7: Vexpress: fix compile warningsMatt Waddel1-3/+6
2010-12-09ARMV7: Vexpress: fix build errorsMatt Waddel3-68/+1
2010-12-09Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk14-38/+771
2010-12-08onenand: fix oob print out issueLei Wen1-1/+3
2010-12-08arm920t/at91/timer: replace bss variables by gdAndreas Bießmann3-15/+17
2010-12-08arm920t/at91/reset: board_reset: define weak symbolAndreas Bießmann1-3/+5
2010-12-08MAKEALL: fix AT91Andreas Bießmann1-15/+3
2010-12-08at91rm9200ek: add configure target for RAM bootAndreas Bießmann3-3/+16