BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aml64_buildroot_master_c4ODROID-COMMON: boot: Changed boot device detecting methods.Luke Go2 years
masteromap3_beagle: use omap3-beagle.dtb for the C4 revisionRobert Nelson9 years
odroid-nextAdd DNW and SD/eMMC Support for Odroid-X,U,Q series boardHakjoo Kim10 years
odroid-v2010.12update pre-built binariesMauro Ribeiro8 years
odroid-v2012.07Temporarily set the clock to the default value for exynos5410 HDMIHakjoo Kim8 years
odroid-v2015.10Merge branch 'odroid-v2015.10' of ssh:// i...codewalker7 years
odroidc-v2011.03ODROID-C: cfgload: parsing buffer set 2048.codewalker5 years
odroidc2-v2015.01ODROID-C2: manage OTG port to run USB host when OTG cable is attachedDongjin Kim3 years
odroidg12-v2015.01ODROID-COMMON: Vu7c chipID check improvement.ckkim4 months
odroidg12-v2015.01-20210329ODROID-COMMON: Vu7c chipID check improvement.ckkim3 weeks
odroidgoA-v2017.09ODROID-GOA: Adjust boot mode flag and charge animation conditionJoy Cho17 months
odroidm1-v2017.09squash! ODROID-COMMON: add new git submodule to download 'rkbin/*'Dongjin Kim2 months
odroidn1-v2017.07Fix a typo errorjoy5 years
odroidn1-v2017.07-androidboard: odroidn1: update mac generation scheme based on hardkernel ruleJoy Cho5 years
odroidn2-v2015.01ODROID-N2: fix '401 - Bad credential' error for Travis-CIDongjin Kim2 years
odroidxu3-v2012.07Merge branch 'odroidxu3-v2012.07' of into odroid...hardkernel5 years
odroidxu4-v2017.05ODROID-XU4: update U-boot binaryDongjin Kim2 years
u-boot_v2020.01ODROID-COMMON: add to run TravisCI for ODROID-C2/XU4Dongjin Kim2 years