BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
p-ti-and-u-boot-2017.01Merge branch 'p-ti-u-boot-2017.01' of ssh:// i...David Huang3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2014.07board: ti: dra7: route the MMC2 lines to the eMMC on DRA71 evmJean-Jacques Hiblot3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2014.07-nextti: common: dra7: Always read the configuration EEPROM at startup.Jean-Jacques Hiblot3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2016.05Merge branch 'ti-u-boot-2016.05' of git:// into...David Huang21 months
p-ti-u-boot-2016.05-nextMerge branch 'ti-u-boot-2016.05' of git:// into...Praneeth Bajjuri3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2016.05-testMerge branch 'ti-u-boot-2016.05' of git:// into...David Huang3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2016.05-tmpMerge branch 'p-ti-u-boot-2016.05' into p-ti-u-boot-2016.05-tmpPraneeth Bajjuri3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2017.01Merge branch 'ti-u-boot-2017.01' of git:// into...David Huang2 years
p-ti-u-boot-2017.01-temparm: am57xx: Define board specific boot argumentsSam Protsenko3 years
p-ti-u-boot-2017.01-testMerge branch 'ti-u-boot-2017.01' of git:// into...David Huang3 years
6AO.1.1u-boot-omap-6AO.1.1.tar.xz  Vishal Mahaveer23 months
processor-sdk-linux-automotive-  Praneeth Bajjuri2 years
6AO.1.0u-boot-omap-6AO.1.0.tar.xz  Praneeth Bajjuri2 years
6AM.1.3-P1u-boot-omap-6AM.1.3-P1.tar.xz  Praneeth Bajjuri2 years
processor-sdk-linux-automotive-  Praneeth Bajjuri2 years
processor-sdk-linux-automotive-  Praneeth Bajjuri2 years
processor-sdk-linux-automotive-  Praneeth Bajjuri2 years
processor-sdk-linux-automotive-  Praneeth Bajjuri3 years
6AM.1.3u-boot-omap-6AM.1.3.tar.xz  Vishal Mahaveer3 years
glsdk-  Praneeth Bajjuri3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2010-11-18Add zero bootdelay checkHEADmasterHerve Fache1-0/+1
2010-08-10OMAP3:HSMMC: Add support for multiple block write.L25.I3.4Moiz Sonasath3-17/+77
2010-08-10U-boot: Fix the boot device type display during u-boot bootingMoiz Sonasath1-8/+25
2010-08-10U-boot: Add support for flashing to EMMC using FastbootMoiz Sonasath1-0/+125
2010-08-10U-boot: Put NAND functions under storage-type checkMoiz Sonasath1-3/+10
2010-08-10U-boot: Bug-Fix size comparisions in mmc erase functionMoiz Sonasath1-1/+2
2010-08-10U-boot: Func. support for MMC/SD1 & MMC/SD2 on OMAP3Moiz Sonasath6-614/+423
2010-08-10U-boot: Add saveenv feature support for EMMC for zoom3Moiz Sonasath6-3/+180
2010-08-10U-boot: Create partition table for EMMC flash using fastbootMoiz Sonasath3-0/+115
2010-08-10U-boot: Add new config file 'omap3630zoom3_emmc_config'Moiz Sonasath2-2/+39