AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-07-22wlcore: print active channel in the driver_stateVictor Goldenshtein1-1/+13
2013-07-22mac80211: use legacy mode for all ACsEyal Shapira1-6/+11
2013-07-22nl80211: sync nl80211.h header to supplicant (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov1-2/+60
2013-07-22wlcore: configure rate policies for p2p mgmt interface (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov3-1/+7
2013-07-22mac80211: allow disabling scans while another vif is active (INTERNAL)Eliad Peller1-0/+44
2013-07-22wlcore: block most mac80211 ops on p2p mgmt iface (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov1-0/+45
2013-07-22wlcore: scan on the dev role for the p2p mgmt iface (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov4-22/+50
2013-07-22mac80211: mark the p2p0 interface with a special flag (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov2-0/+7
2013-07-22wlcore: limit size of aggr_pkts_reason statisticsIgal Chernobelsky2-3/+3
2013-07-22wlcore: add num tx desc parameter to alloc_hwIgal Chernobelsky4-4/+6
2013-07-22wl18xx: handle dbg aggr size vs rate in a dedicated function (DEBUG)Arkady Miasnikov1-2/+45
2013-07-22wlcore: delete unused WL1271_AGGR_BUFFER_SIZE defIgal Chernobelsky1-5/+0
2013-07-22wlcore: update debugfs for tx aggregation statsIgal Chernobelsky3-3/+19
2013-07-22wlcore: report roaming disabled when switching to multirole (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira1-0/+6
2013-07-22nl/mac80211: add roaming capability event to API (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira5-0/+85
2013-07-22wlcore: support short and long interval in sched scan (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira2-0/+14
2013-07-22nl80211: support short and long interval in sched scan (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira7-14/+53
2013-07-22mac80211: retry auth and assoc on error 17 (INTERNAL)Eliad Peller1-0/+24
2013-07-22wlcore: add support for dynamic scan configuration (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein3-2/+10
2013-07-22nl80211/cfg80211: add new scan configurations attributes (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein4-0/+48
2013-07-22nl80211/cfg80211: add intermediate scan result filter (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein4-2/+22
2013-07-22mac80211: add intermediate scan result event call (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein1-1/+7
2013-07-22nl80211/cfg80211: add intermediate scan result event (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein7-0/+140
2013-07-22mac80211: add 'scan_cancel' command (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein1-0/+8
2013-07-22nl80211/cfg80211: add 'scan_cancel' command (INTERNAL)Victor Goldenshtein5-0/+39
2013-07-22nl80211: report stopped sched scan only after driver does (INTERNAL)Eyal Shapira1-9/+8
2013-07-22wlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: add version.h to a new .gitignore file (INTERNAL)Arik Nemtsov1-0/+1
2013-07-22wlcore: force recheck of version.h and use -dirty if needed (INTERNAL)Luciano Coelho3-7/+10
2013-07-22wlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: add version and timestamp strings (INTERNAL)Eliad Peller7-0/+44
2013-07-22mac80211: don't stop beaconing when going offchannel (INTERNAL)Eliad Peller1-6/+6
2013-07-22wlcore: don't suspend on pending recovery (ANDROID)Arik Nemtsov2-0/+11
2013-07-22wlcore: set "any" trigger by default (ANDROID)Eliad Peller1-0/+10
2013-07-22wlcore: acquire a wakelock in the hardirq only on wake up (ANDROID)Ido Yariv1-4/+0
2013-07-22wlcore: add wake_locks (ANDROID)Eliad Peller4-0/+45
2013-07-22add blaze_defconfigEliad Peller1-0/+2702
2013-07-22wl18xx: default config alignment with phy defaultsIgal Chernobelsky1-8/+8
2013-07-22wlcore: always register dummy hardirqArik Nemtsov1-3/+11
2013-07-22wlcore: Add support for DT platform dataIdo Yariv2-7/+67
2013-07-22wl18xx: print new RDL versions during bootVictor Goldenshtein2-14/+44
2013-07-22mac80211: use freezable workqueue for restart workEliad Peller2-1/+12
2013-07-22wl18xx: fix boot process in high temperature environmentVictor Goldenshtein2-0/+56
2013-07-22wlcore: fix regulatory domain bit translationIdo Reis1-1/+3
2013-07-22wlcore: fix unsafe dereference of the wlvifVictor Goldenshtein1-1/+1
2013-07-22wlcore: don't bail out when beacon/probe resp are missingEliad Peller1-4/+4
2013-07-22wlcore: optimize scan debug printsVictor Goldenshtein2-17/+19
2013-07-22wl18xx: update chip ROM version mask and offsetVictor Goldenshtein2-3/+3
2013-07-22wlcore: send EAPOL frames with voice priorityIgal Chernobelsky2-0/+5
2013-07-22wl18xx: increase the number of allowed BA sessionsVictor Goldenshtein1-1/+1
2013-07-22wlcore: Add RX_BA_WIN_SIZE_CHANGE_EVENT eventYair Shapira4-3/+73
2013-07-22wlcore: ACX_BA_SESSION_RX_SETUP win_size taken from staYair Shapira4-5/+58