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@@ -631,6 +631,23 @@ config CMD_ADC
Shows ADC device info and permit printing one-shot analog converted
data from a named Analog to Digital Converter.
+config CMD_BCB
+ bool "bcb"
+ depends on MMC
+ depends on PARTITIONS
+ help
+ Read/modify/write the fields of Bootloader Control Block, usually
+ stored on the flash "misc" partition with its structure defined in:
+ bootloader_message/include/bootloader_message/bootloader_message.h
+ Some real-life use-cases include (but are not limited to):
+ - Determine the "boot reason" (and act accordingly):
+ - Get/pass a list of commands from/to recovery:
+ - Inspect/dump the contents of the BCB fields
config CMD_BIND
bool "bind/unbind - Bind or unbind a device to/from a driver"
depends on DM