AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2 daysMerge branch 'next'HEADmasterWIP/03Oct2022Tom Rini872-6453/+26427
2 daysPrepare v2022.10v2022.10Tom Rini3-12/+744
2 daysimx8mn-ddr4-evk-u-boot: Fix broken bootFabio Estevam1-0/+4
2 daysimx8mn-venice-u-boot: Fix broken bootFabio Estevam1-0/+4
5 daysMerge branch '2022-09-29-dm-core-support-multiple-device-trees-in-ofnode' int...nextTom Rini133-617/+2257
5 daysMerge tag 'efi-2022-10-rc6' of Rini3-56/+68
6 daysdm: core: Support copying properties with ofnodeSimon Glass3-0/+99
6 daysdm: core: Allow copying ofnode property data when writingSimon Glass4-13/+92
6 daysvbe: Allow test to run with live/flat treeSimon Glass1-14/+9
6 daysdm: core: Expand ofnode testsSimon Glass2-22/+214
6 daysdm: core: Create a function to get a live tree in a testSimon Glass1-8/+49
6 daysdm: core: Update comments for default-FDT ofnode functionsSimon Glass1-3/+15
6 daysdm: core: Complete phandle implementation using the other FDTSimon Glass3-2/+87
6 daysdm: core: Add the ofnode multi-tree implementationSimon Glass3-56/+238
6 daysdm: core: Add definitions for multiple ofnode treesSimon Glass2-2/+55
6 daysdm: core: Split ofnode_path_root() into two functionsSimon Glass5-13/+55
6 daysdm: core: Allow obtaining a node offset in the same treeSimon Glass2-21/+42
6 daysdm: core: Add a way to look up a phandle in an oftreeSimon Glass3-0/+41
6 daysdm: core: Add ofnode functions to obtain an oftreeSimon Glass2-2/+68
6 daysdm: core: Add an ofnode function to obtain the flat treeSimon Glass2-41/+69
6 daysdm: core: Provide a way to reset the device treeSimon Glass4-1/+16
6 daysdm: core: Expand integer-reading testsSimon Glass5-17/+125
6 daysefi_loader: fix efi_initrd_deregister()Heinrich Schuchardt1-0/+3
6 daysefi_selftest: prefix test functions with efi_st_Heinrich Schuchardt1-43/+44
6 daysdoc: improve description of autostartHeinrich Schuchardt1-13/+21
6 daysdm: core: Drop ofnode_is_available()Simon Glass22-39/+22
6 daysdm: core: Add a macro to iterate through propertiesSimon Glass3-1/+63
6 daysdm: core: Avoid creating a name property when unflatteningSimon Glass3-3/+8
6 daysdm: core: Rename ofnode_get_property_by_prop()Simon Glass6-16/+15
6 daysdm: core: Rename ofnode_get_first/next_property()Simon Glass6-15/+15
6 daysdm: core: Reduce code size with dev_of_offset()Simon Glass2-12/+12
6 dayssandbox: test: Provide an easy way to use the other FDTSimon Glass2-3/+39
6 dayssandbox: Support setting up the other FDT for testingSimon Glass3-5/+67
6 dayssandbox: Support loading the other FDTSimon Glass4-1/+78
6 dayssandbox: Add a function to load a relative file pathSimon Glass3-9/+43
6 daystest: Drop the UT_TESTF_LIVE_OR_FLAT flagSimon Glass2-15/+3
6 daystest: Detect a change in the device treeSimon Glass2-3/+20
6 daystest: Make a copy of the device tree before running a testSimon Glass3-14/+83
6 daysdm: core: Drop the const from ofnodeSimon Glass3-23/+5
6 daysdm: core: Support writing a property to an empty nodeSimon Glass2-4/+7
6 daysdm: core: Allow adding ofnode subnodesSimon Glass5-0/+197
6 daysdm: core: Document the livetree structures properlySimon Glass1-2/+13
6 daystest: Support testing malloc() failuresSimon Glass4-0/+33
6 daystest: Fix missing livetree test runsSimon Glass3-3/+6
6 daysevent: Pass the images to EVT_FT_FIXUPSimon Glass2-0/+3
6 daysdm: core: Pass a root node to of_find_node_by_phandle()Simon Glass4-5/+10
6 daysevent: Allow multiple spy declarations for each eventSimon Glass2-3/+5
6 daysevent: Fix a typo in the EVENT helpSimon Glass1-1/+1
6 dayssandbox: power: Update PMIC driver to use logSimon Glass1-4/+6
6 dayslog: update the comment for log_msg_ret()Simon Glass1-1/+4