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3 daysMerge tag 'dm-pull-15oct19' of Rini3-11/+24
3 daysarm: remove the H2200 boardHeinrich Schuchardt1-4/+0
4 dayssandbox: fix build error due to missing struct udevice definitionAKASHI Takahiro1-0/+2
4 dayssandbox: fix cpu property in test.dts for pytestAKASHI Takahiro1-11/+13
4 daysbinman: x86: Separate out 16-bit reset and init codeSimon Glass1-0/+9
5 daysMerge branch 'master' of git:// Rini3-10/+19
5 daysMerge tag 'u-boot-imx-20191014' of Rini15-55/+794
5 daysMerge tag 'video-for-2020.01' of Rini5-1/+83
5 daysMerge tag 'mmc-10-10-2019' of Rini1-0/+12
5 daysimx :hab: Add hab version commandSjoerd Simons2-0/+22
5 daysimx: mmdc_size: Allow building it for i.MX7ULPFabio Estevam2-2/+4
5 daysimx: mmdc_size: Fix checkpatch warningsFabio Estevam1-10/+10
5 daysimx: Place imx_ddr_size() into a separate fileFabio Estevam3-53/+58
6 daysARM: dts: stm32mp1: add dsi host for stm32mp157c-dk2 boardYannick Fertré1-0/+7
6 daysARM: dts: stm32mp1: add dsi host for stm32mp157c-ev1 boardYannick Fertré1-0/+5
6 daysARM: dts: stm32f769: add display for STM32F769 disco boardYannick Fertré1-0/+62
6 daysdm: Add a dsi host uclassYannick Fertré2-1/+9
6 daysimx8: Jump from alias to OCRAM address at SPL initYe Li2-0/+22
6 daysimx: tpc70: Convert TPC70 (imx6q) board to use DM/DTS in SPL and u-bootLukasz Majewski1-0/+10
6 daysimx: dts: Add u-boot specific set of device tree properties for tpc70Lukasz Majewski1-0/+59
6 daysimx: tpc70: dts: Add TPC70 board (imx6q based) device tree descriptionLukasz Majewski2-0/+220
6 daysARM: imx6q_logic: Enable Pin muxing in SPLAdam Ford1-0/+12
6 daysARM: dts: imx6q-tbs2910: Sync devicetree with kernel 5.3Soeren Moch1-1/+2
6 daysAdd i.MX7D based Meerkat96 board supportShawn Guo1-0/+10
6 daysARM: dts: import meerkat96 board supportShawn Guo2-0/+376
7 daysMerge Rini6-26/+17
7 daysMerge branch '2019-10-11-master-imports'Tom Rini9-58/+245
8 daysarm64: print instructions leading to exceptionHeinrich Schuchardt1-0/+12
8 daysARM: asm/io.h: remove redundant #if !defined(readb) blockRasmus Villemoes1-15/+0
8 daysARM: asm/io.h: kill off confusing #ifdef __mem_pci blockRasmus Villemoes1-41/+0
8 daysarm: dra7xx: Hang on any failure during IOdelay recalibrationWIP/2019-10-11-ti-importsLokesh Vutla1-0/+6
8 daysarm: dra7xx: Fix error path in iodelay recalibrationLokesh Vutla1-2/+3
8 daysarm: dts: k3-j721e-common-proc-board: Mark main_uart0 as shared deviceLokesh Vutla1-0/+4
8 daysboard: ti: am335x-ice: Configure the CDCE913 clock synthesizerTero Kristo1-0/+21
8 daysboard: ti: am43xx-idk: Configure the CDCE913 clock synthesizerTero Kristo1-0/+14
8 daysboard: ti: am57xx-idk: Configure the CDCE913 clock synthesizerTero Kristo4-0/+38
8 daysarm: k3: Use driver_name to get ti_sci handleLokesh Vutla1-1/+2
8 daysarm: k3: Add support for printing CPUINFOLokesh Vutla3-0/+66
8 daysam335x, guardian: adapt guardian board to DMMoses Christopher1-44/+58
8 daysam335x, guardian: update guardian boardMoses Christopher1-0/+1
8 daysarm: omap: emif-common: Fix memory priming for ECCKrunal Bhargav1-13/+21
8 daysarm: omap: emif-common: Disable interleavingKrunal Bhargav1-0/+3
8 daysarm: omap: emif-common: Fix ecc address calculationLokesh Vutla1-9/+9
8 daysarm: dts: split mtk-reset.h into per-chip headerRyder Lee2-2/+2
8 daysarm: dts: add PCIe controller for MT7623 SoCRyder Lee2-0/+157
8 daysdt: bcm968580xref: add a spi-nor devicePhilippe Reynes1-0/+12
8 daysdt: bcm6858: add hsspi controllerPhilippe Reynes1-0/+25
8 daysdt: bcm963158: add a spi-nor deviceKursad Oney1-0/+12
8 daysdt: bcm63158: Add hsspi controllerKursad Oney1-0/+25
8 daysarmv8: K3: j721e: Updated ddr address regions in MMU tableKedar Chitnis1-4/+4