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43 hoursMerge branch 'master' of git:// Rini19-535/+998
47 hoursnet: macb: Add support for 1000-baseXRadu Pirea1-2/+4
47 hoursnet: macb: Fixed reading MII_LPA registerRadu Pirea1-1/+1
47 hoursnet: ethernet: ti: Introduce am654 gigabit eth switch subsystem driverKeerthy3-0/+801
47 hoursdriver: net: ti: cpsw-mdio: use phys_addr_t for mdio_base addrKeerthy2-3/+3
47 hoursnet: phy: cortina: Use block layer to read from mmcYinbo Zhu1-0/+5
47 hoursnet: mscc: refactor mscc_miimHoratiu Vultur8-516/+63
47 hourstest: dm: add MDIO testAlex Marginean3-0/+103
47 hoursnet: introduce MDIO DM class for MDIO devicesAlex Marginean1-0/+13
47 hoursnet: mscc: serval: Remove delay when serdes is configuredHoratiu Vultur1-2/+0
47 hoursnet: phy: ti: Fix clock output DT propertyTrent Piepho1-8/+2
47 hoursnet: phy: ti: Use default values for tx/rx delay and fifo sizeTrent Piepho1-3/+3
2 daysMerge tag 'mmc-2019-7-15' of Rini10-298/+634
3 daysmmc: fsl_esdhc_imx: enlarge mmc timeoutPeng Fan1-2/+2
3 daysmmc: fsl_esdhc_imx: add i.MX8QM compatiblePeng Fan1-0/+7
3 daysmmc: fsl_esdhc_imx: add HS400 Enhanced strobe supportPeng Fan1-0/+20
3 daysmmc: fsl_esdhc_imx: use mmc_of_parse to set host_capsPeng Fan1-9/+5
3 daysmmc: Parse no-1-8-v DT propertyPeng Fan1-0/+5
3 daysmmc: Parse HS400 Enhanced strobe DT propertiesPeng Fan1-0/+2
3 daysmmc: support hs400 enhanced strobe modePeng Fan3-1/+100
3 daysmmc: fsl_esdhc_imx: fix config check issue when building in SPLYe Li1-2/+2
3 daysmmc: mmc_spi: Re-write driver using DM frameworkBhargav Shah2-167/+320
3 daysmmc: skip select_mode_and_width for MMC SPI hostAnup Patel1-0/+14
3 daysmmc: retry a few times if a partition switch failedJean-Jacques Hiblot1-3/+7
3 daysmmc: do not change mode when accessing a boot partitionJean-Jacques Hiblot1-36/+0
3 daysmmc: During a switch, poll on dat0 if available and check the final statusJean-Jacques Hiblot1-13/+36
3 daysmmc: When switching partition, use the timeout specified in the ext_csdJean-Jacques Hiblot1-0/+10
3 daysmmc: use the generic timeout for cmd6 (SWITCH) provided in the ext_csdJean-Jacques Hiblot1-1/+9
3 daysmmc: if possible, poll the busy state using DAT0Jean-Jacques Hiblot2-4/+4
3 daysmmc: add mmc_poll_for_busy() and change the purpose of mmc_send_status()Jean-Jacques Hiblot3-21/+37
3 daysmmc: omap_hsmmc: provide wait_dat0 even if UHS modes are not supportedJean-Jacques Hiblot1-4/+0
3 daysRevert "mmc: Add a new callback function to perform the 74 clocks cycle seque...Jean-Jacques Hiblot2-18/+0
3 daysmmc: omap_hsmmc: don't fill the send_init_stream callbackJean-Jacques Hiblot1-9/+0
3 daysmmc: omap_hsmmc: reset FSM for DAT and CMD lines if needed before a new commandJean-Jacques Hiblot1-7/+6
3 daysmmc: rpmb: fix response type of CMD25Akio Hirayama1-2/+2
3 daysmmc: sdhci: Implement SDHCI card detectT Karthik Reddy1-0/+32
3 daysmmc: sdhci: Read cd-gpio from devicetreeT Karthik Reddy1-0/+6
3 daysmmc: Read sd card detect properties from DTT Karthik Reddy1-0/+9
3 daysMerge tag 'u-boot-stm32-20190712' of Rini22-119/+305
4 daysregulator: Allow autosetting fixed regulatorsSven Schwermer1-0/+3
4 daysgpio: add gpio-hog supportHeiko Schocher2-16/+175
4 dayspinctrl: pinctrl-single: Add 'pinctrl-single, bits' supportAdam Ford1-1/+64
4 dayspower: regulator: Kconfig: Add SPL_DM_REGULATOR configs for palmas/lp873x/lp8...Keerthy1-0/+26
4 dayspower: pmic: Kconfig: Add SPL_PMIC configs for palmas/lp873x/lp87565Keerthy1-0/+21
4 daysrtc: add Microcrystal RV-8803 driverMichael Walle3-0/+178
4 daysusb: musb-new: omap2430: Fix compilation warning with USB_MUSB_GADGETDerald D. Woods1-2/+6
4 daysrtc: ds1307: add support for m41t11Heiko Schocher1-0/+14
4 daysmmc: Register only the first MMC device on MMC_TINYEzequiel Garcia1-0/+9
4 daysspl: Move SPL_MMC_TINY option to appear under SPL menuEzequiel Garcia1-15/+0
5 daysdrivers: core: use strcmp when find device by namePeng Fan1-1/+1