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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
7 daystrace: do not limit trace buffer to 2GiBHeinrich Schuchardt1-2/+2
7 daysAdd a simple script to remove boardsSimon Glass1-0/+150
7 dayspatman: Update cover-coverage tests for Python 3Simon Glass1-6/+9
7 daysbinman: Update the README.entries fileSimon Glass1-0/+15
7 daysbinman: Document parallel testsSimon Glass1-0/+14
7 daysbinman: Read map files as textSimon Glass1-1/+1
7 daysbinman: Fix up a format string in AssertInList()Simon Glass1-1/+1
7 daysbinman: Update 'text' entry for Python 3Simon Glass1-3/+6
7 dayspatman: Update fmap code for Python 3Simon Glass2-4/+11
7 daysbinman: Update entry_test to support Python 3Simon Glass1-1/+5
7 daysbinman: Convert to use bytes typeSimon Glass6-72/+77
7 daysbinman: Avoid changing a dict during iterationSimon Glass1-2/+5
7 dayspatman: Allow reading files in text modeSimon Glass1-2/+2
7 daysdtoc: Update dtb_platdata to support Python 3Simon Glass1-1/+2
7 daysdtoc: Update fdt_util for Python 3Simon Glass2-16/+2
7 daysdtoc: Add a unit test for BytesToValue()Simon Glass1-1/+5
7 daysdtoc: Test full 64-bit properties with FdtCellsToCpu()Simon Glass1-2/+9
7 daysdtoc: Use binary mode for reading filesSimon Glass1-3/+3
7 daysdtoc: Convert the Fdt.Node class to Python 3Simon Glass1-2/+5
7 daysdtoc: Convert the Fdt.Prop class to Python 3Simon Glass1-4/+4
7 daysdtoc: Use byte type instead of str in fdtSimon Glass3-14/+43
7 daysdtoc: Updates BytesToValue() for Python 3Simon Glass2-16/+52
7 daysdtoc: Move BytesToValue() out of the Prop classSimon Glass1-51/+53
7 daysdtoc: Use GetBytes() to obtain repeating bytesSimon Glass2-3/+5
7 daysdtoc: Sort platdata output from dtocSimon Glass2-7/+8
7 daysdtoc: Adjust code for Python 3Simon Glass4-9/+15
7 dayspatman: Don't require Python 2Simon Glass1-1/+1
7 dayspatman: Tidy up a few more unicode conversionsSimon Glass2-6/+3
7 dayspatman: Adjust functional tests for Python 3Simon Glass1-11/+14
7 dayspatman: Avoid unicode type in settings unit testsSimon Glass1-8/+8
7 dayspatman: Sort series output for repeatabilySimon Glass2-12/+12
7 dayspatman: Move unicode helpers to toolsSimon Glass4-16/+39
7 dayspatman: Support use of stringIO in Python 3Simon Glass1-1/+6
7 daysbinman: Handle repeated bytes for Python 3Simon Glass6-25/+50
7 daysbinman: Drop an unused input fileSimon Glass1-1/+0
7 daysbinman: Use binary mode when compressing dataSimon Glass2-2/+2
7 dayspatman: Provide a way to get program output in binary modeSimon Glass2-3/+4
7 daystools: dtoc: Open all binary files in binary modeSimon Glass1-1/+1
7 daystools: binman: Open all binary files in binary modeSimon Glass1-15/+15
7 daysbinman: Use items() instead of iteritems()Simon Glass5-6/+6
7 dayspatman: Use items() instead of iteritems()Simon Glass1-1/+1
7 daysbinman: Remove use of Set()Simon Glass3-9/+6
7 daysbinman: Don't show errors for failed testsSimon Glass1-0/+12
7 daysbinman: Convert print statements to Python 3Simon Glass2-8/+12
7 dayspatman: Convert print statements to Python 3Simon Glass3-15/+14
7 dayspatman: Update cros_subprocess to use bytesSimon Glass2-20/+29
8 daysmoveconfig: expand simple expressionsMarkus Klotzbuecher1-0/+41
2019-06-20fw_env: Add missing write failure checkAlex Kiernan1-1/+1
2019-06-14tools: add tools/spl_size_limit to ignore listSimon Goldschmidt1-0/+1
2019-06-07spl: add overall SPL size checkSimon Goldschmidt2-0/+34