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This repository is used to track U-Boot for our i.MX6 based
boards: the [SABRE Lite][sabrelite], [Nitrogen6X][nitrogen6x],
-and [Nitrogen6X SOM][nitrogen6x-som] based on the main-line
+[Nitrogen6X SOM][nitrogen6x-som] and [Nitrogen6 Lite][nitrogen6-lite]
+based on the main-line
upstream at [][denx].
Primary branches include:
-<tr><td><tt>master</tt></td><td>Latest official release of main-line</td></tr>
-<tr><td><tt>production</tt></td><td>Latest production release for <a href="">Boundary Devices</a> boards</td></tr>
-<tr><td><tt>staging</tt></td><td>Staging for next production release</td></tr>
+* [master]( Latest official release of main-line
+* [production]( The version we're currently shipping on new boards
+* [staging]( The version we're working on
-Other branches are used for work in progress and sharing experimental code.
+[Other branches]( are used for work in progress, sharing experimental code and to
+preserve the history for customers who base their efforts on ours.
[denx]: "U-Boot Mainline Git repository"
[sabrelite]: "SABRE Lite product page"
[nitrogen6x]: "Nitrogen6X product page"
-[nitrogen6x-som]: "Nitrogen6X SOM product page"
+[nitrogen6x-som]: "Nitrogen6X SOM product page"
+[nitrogen6-lite]: "Nitrogen6_Lite product page"