BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ADDon't clear reset cause/reason for ADTroy Kisky6 years
boundary-imx6sxnitrogen6sx: 6x_bootscript: add M4 core autoboot optionGary Bisson5 years
boundary-imx_v2017.03_4.9.51_imx8m_ganitrogen8m: add convenient m4 variables to load and start a fwGary Bisson16 months
boundary-v2014.07-20140912-simple-rebasenitrogen6x: don't support USB Mass Storage yetEric Nelson5 years
boundary-v2015.07nitrogen6x: add CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_GIGADEVICEGary Bisson17 months
boundary-v2016.03ys: add CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_GIGADEVICE: to defconfigsTroy Kisky6 days
boundary-v2017.01-pass1ys: update to v2017.01Gary Bisson3 years
boundary-v2017.01-pass2mtp: update 2G quadplus calibration based on 15 boardsTroy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2017.01-rc3-pass1config_whitelist.txt: add Boundary-specific configsGary Bisson3 years
boundary-v2017.03ys: add CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_WINBONDTroy Kisky7 months
boundary-v2017.03-pass1ys: fixup missing confGary Bisson3 years
boundary-v2017.03-pass26x_bootscript-mainline: introduce rfspart variableGary Bisson3 years
boundary-v2017.03-rc3-pass1nitrogen7: fix include config for v2017.03Gary Bisson3 years
boundary-v2017.07mcs: remove pull down from 4-wire/5-wire selectTroy Kisky10 months
boundary-v2017.07-pass1vp: cfg use common instead of nitrogen6xTroy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2017.07-pass2ys: move mmc_init/ dram_init/ overwrite_console/ common_board_init/ splash_sc...Troy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2017.07-pass3ys: move mmc_init/ dram_init/ overwrite_console/ common_board_init/ splash_sc...Troy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2017.07-pass4nitrogen6x: fix board_usdhc_cfgTroy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2017.07-pass5nitrogen7: const i2c_pads_infoTroy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2017.07-pass6cid: fix add/correct a few pins, typoTroy Kisky3 years
boundary-v2018.07nit6xlite: add display AM_1280800P2TZQWTroy Kisky17 hours
boundary-v2018.07-pass1nitrogen6x: add VD_DT035BTFT panelTroy Kisky19 months
d1nitrogen7:initial addition of new filesTroy Kisky4 years
ddrboundary: common: remove no longer used filesTroy Kisky24 months
imx_v2013.04_3.5.7_1.0.0_alphaENGR00268897 imx6q:sata_boot:fix the build warning when build sata_boot u-bootJason Liu7 years
imx_v2014.04-plusMLK-10520 add clk_ignore_unused in i.MX7d u-boot parameterHan Xu5 years
jb4.3_1.0.0-betaENGR00276287 Adjust key mapping for 6sl evkguoyin.chen7 years
mainlinei.MX6: nitrogen6x: fix erase size in 6x_upgrade.txtEric Nelson6 years
masternand/denali: Document CONFIG symbolsScott Wood5 years
overviewREADME: switch to 2018.07 release and add Nitrogen8MGary Bisson18 months
productionnitrogen6x: add CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_GIGADEVICEGary Bisson12 days
production-before-20130402nitrogen6x: mx6q_4x_mt41j128.cfg: fix memory calibration settingsEric Nelson7 years
production-before-20130826Add CONFIG_CMD_MEMTEST to our configurationsEric Nelson7 years
production-before-20131107i.MX6: add Boundary Devices UTC boardEric Nelson6 years
production-before-20140228nitrogen6x: Allow override of board-type detection.Eric Nelson6 years
production-before-20140419Merge branch 'production' of into prod...Eric Nelson6 years
production-before-20140912mx6dl_pins: fix drive strength for DISP0_DATA02, DATA10Eric Nelson6 years
production-before-20140922nw: change drive strength for eMMC to 40 OhmsTroy Kisky5 years
sdk-p9.0.0_1.0.0-gaMA-13788 add defconfig for aiy_imx8mq uboot used by uuufaqiang.zhu14 months
silent-uartnit6xlite: configure for no UART accessEric Nelson6 years
solo-dl-stagingi.MX6: Add hdmidet command to detect attached HDMI monitorEric Nelson7 years
stagingrename 6x_bootscript-ubuntu-3.14.txt to 6x_bootscript-ubuntu-3.14.28.txtLaci Tele5 years
staging-20130225nitrogen6x: 1066mhz_4x128Mx16: fix memory calibration settingsEric Nelson7 years
staging-before-20121017nitrogen6x: Add support for bootelf commandEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20130529cfb_console: flush FB cache at end of public functionsEric Nelson7 years
staging-before-20130617Merge branch 'staging' of into stagingEric Nelson7 years
staging-before-20130818nitrogen6x boot script: fix quotes in setenvEric Nelson7 years
staging-before-20130826mmc: mxsmmc: Enable MMC HC supportAmaury Pouly7 years
staging-before-20131009nitrogen6x bootscript: ft5x06_ts is driver name in non-Android LinuxEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20131107nitrogen6x yocto bootscript: merge changes from non-Yocto scriptEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140123mx6_r: remove redundant declarations of WEAK_PULLUP/DOWNEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140210nw: USB Hub reset on KEY_ROW4/GPIO4:15Eric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140223sp: don't set serverip, ncip for usbbootEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140228makeem: prevent u-boot.a from getting clobberedEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140304r: no SATA drive on R boardEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140312nitrogen6x: 6x_bootscript: remove redundant initial environment setEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140419nitrogen6x: allow boot from USBEric Nelson6 years
staging-before-20140912nw: change drive strength for eMMC to 40 OhmsTroy Kisky5 years
staging-before-20140927nw: drive eMMC reset highTroy Kisky5 years
staging-hinitial addition of Boundary H boardTroy Kisky7 years
staging-plus-6P6x_bootscript-yocto-3.10.53: add Quad Plus dtb optionGary Bisson5 years
staging-v2014.10-rc2Add makeem convenience scriptEric Nelson5 years
t22vp: initial addition, Boundary Devices boardTroy Kisky19 months
t3Revert "test"Troy Kisky3 years
upstream-v2014.10-common-displaysnitrogen6x: displays: reorder displays by typeEric Nelson5 years
v2013.10-20131016mx6: fix compilation of read_temperatureEric Nelson6 years
v2013.10-20131119nitrogen6x bootscript: use bootpart for uImageEric Nelson6 years
v2014.01-20140223nitrogen6x: enable fusion 7 displayEric Nelson6 years
v2014.01-20140228makeem: prevent u-boot.a from getting clobberedEric Nelson6 years
v2014.04-20140419nw: change drive strength for eMMC to 40 OhmsTroy Kisky5 years
v2014.07-20140914add nit6xlite boot script for Yocto on kernel 3.10.53Eric Nelson5 years
v2014.10-common-videonw: refactor setup_display to use common routinesEric Nelson5 years