AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines HDMI certified; 2. support de-flick functionlichee/elite-devlichee-homlet/elite-devchenjd22-67/+513
2013-02-27[Emac]update emac driverchenjd1-58/+233
2013-02-26[elite:config] ignore some files from the git.Gary.Wang3-22/+2
2013-01-28update the rtl8192cu driver for wifi-p2phomlet-elite-lichee-v1.6-rc1jingmanzhao27-69103/+0
2013-01-28update the rtl8192cu driver for wifi-p2pjingmanzhao149-59959/+73150
2013-01-25[bcm40181]fix the bug that the wifi can not openchenjd1-15/+16
2012-12-31[elite:display] modify to support to adjust the brightness and so on.Gary.Wang7-14/+567
2012-12-27modify bcm40181 wifi reset to wl_reg_onhuzhen1-17/+16
2012-12-25[Mali]update mali driverchenjd200-4/+34396
2012-12-21[elite:iso] support to parse the ISO file.Gary.Wang1-2/+5
2012-11-21[elite:HDMI] support the HDMI CEC.homlet-elite-lichee-v1.4-rc1homlet-elite-lichee-v1.4yanwu6-8/+1013
2012-11-15[elite:config] use the 'unstable schedule clock'.Gary.Wang4-3/+55
2012-11-13[elite:cpu] delete some cpu freqency values that may interfere the wifi signal.Gary.Wang1-6/+6
2012-11-13[homlet:camera] fix a bug that the camera picture flickers sometimes.Gary.Wang1-1/+3
2012-11-06[elite:standby] fix a bug that the usb device can't be recognized after resum...homlet-elite-lichee-v1.2Gary.Wang3-0/+15
2012-11-05[elite:nand] a fixed version on nand flash V1.2.9Gary.Wang1-0/+0
2012-11-01[homlet:standby] fix a bug that once not-power key is pressed during the stan...homlet-elite-lichee-v1.2-rc1Gary.Wang2-10/+3
2012-11-01[wifi]update 8188eu wifi driverchenjd105-10003/+11788
2012-10-31[wifi:8189es]update wifi driverchenjd176-14878/+21012
2012-10-31[homlet : googleremote] add response to scroll for virtualmouseGary.Wang1-2/+7
2012-10-31[elite:nand] a new version 1.2.9 of the nand driver.Gary.Wang1-0/+0
2012-10-30[elite:standby] optimize the electric current during the standby with usb wak...Gary.Wang7-84/+221
2012-10-29[bcm40181]fix bug about fw path and naram pathchenjd1-3/+3
2012-10-26[elite:nand] the new-complied nand driver because the kernel config changes.Gary.Wang1-0/+0
2012-10-26add vmouse device to support google tv remoteyangfuyang3-1/+158
2012-10-25Merge branch 'elite-dev' of git://
2012-10-25remote Trace process context switches and events to fix wifi connect kernel p...yuguoxu1-12/+3
2012-10-24[elite:ir] fix a bug that any other key will produce the 'power' key message ...Gary.Wang2-1/+3
2012-10-23[elite:nand] a new version V1.2.9 of the nand driver.Gary.Wang1-0/+0
2012-10-19[elite:mac&ethernet] support the thernet & burning the MAC address.Gary.Wang2-898/+805
2012-10-16[elite:display] fix a bug that the 1080i video can't normal show in the 1080i...Gary.Wang1-1/+1
2012-10-15[elite:doc] fix a bug about the display doc.Gary.Wang1-0/+0
2012-10-09add ds5 driver supportyuguoxu42-4/+9089
2012-10-09[elite:config] fix bug on get_ic_version.Gary.Wang1-13/+21
2012-09-27[elite:display] fix a bug that the display mode is a fixed mode(720p) when re...Gary.Wang1-1/+2
2012-09-26[elite:gpio] add the config for the gpio module.Gary.Wang1-0/+7
2012-09-25[elite:gpio] support to control gpio.Gary.Wang10-0/+1042
2012-09-24[elite:usb] config the function that usb wakes the standby disable by default.Gary.Wang1-0/+1
2012-09-20update bcm wifi driver,support wifi-direct and softapchenjd28-1791/+2078
2012-09-19fixed the standby_uart.h to pass compilehuanglong1-2/+4
2012-09-19[elite:ir] fix a bug that ir key is wrong when usb wake standby.xiechr1-1/+9
2012-09-18[elite:power] fix a bug that the system will panic when resume from standby w...Gary.Wang1-6/+12
2012-09-18[elite:usb] usb wake the real standby.xiechr12-98/+253
2012-09-15[elite:usb] fix a bug that pluging out the usb hub make the system shut down.Gary.Wang2-11/+8
2012-09-14[homlet:IR] ir wake up the real standby.Gary.Wang52-292/+1030
2012-09-13[elite:config] add some special HID diriver built-in.homlet-elite-lichee-v1.0Gary.Wang1-35/+43
2012-09-12[homlet:IR] make the system only stay in early standby and can be waked up by...Gary.Wang1-0/+5